Moviemaker Bryan Singer feared the ghost of Adolf Hitler had taken over his VALKYRIE set when a runaway tank threatened to destroy camera equipment.
The director was shooting scenes with Tom Cruise in Cougar Buttes in California when a stuntman had to climb aboard an out-of-control tank and stop it crashing through thousands of dollars worth of sound and camera equipment.
And Singer still thinks Hitler was behind the controls of the armoured vehicle.
He says, "We had one tank that malfunctioned and it started rolling on it’s own. It started rolling towards the camera equipment and nothing was stopping it because it’s a tank and it’s meant to roll over camera crews and other things in it’s way.
"A very brave guy crawled in it and worked the brake system and got it to stop. Maybe the ghost of Hitler was in there!"
In the new film, Cruise plays a real-life German officer who led an assassination attempt on Hitler.