Rocker Bryan Ferry's son was arrested this morning (6MAY05) after confronting and verbally abusing British Prime Minister Tony Blair following his victory in yesterday's (5MAY05) General Election.

OTIS FERRY - a fox-hunting campaigner angry after the Labour government banned the blood sport - lunged at Blair and his wife CHERIE outside London's National Portrait Gallery after Labour won their third term in power.

Plain-clothed police officers stepped in and dragged Ferry and a second man away. They were arrested and held for alleged public order offences.

A police spokesperson says, "Two males aged 20 and 22 were arrested at 6.15 am (BST) today for breach of the peace at the National Portrait Gallery."

Last September (04), 22-year-old Ferry was arrested by police after breaking through security at the Houses Of Parliament with seven others and interrupting a fox hunting debate.

06/05/2005 17:06