Pop star Bryan Ferry agreed to headline a fundraising concert for England's Countryside Alliance, because he is outraged by the British government's hunting ban. Ferry, whose son OTIS stormed into the House Of Commons to protest the ban two years ago (04), will join Roger Waters and Eric Clapton at the gig this summer (05), which aims to put pressure on the authorities to overturn the ban on hunting with dogs. The former Roxy Music frontman says, "I'm doing my bit for the Countryside Alliance, because I don't like the idea of minority interests being persecuted. "In the 1970s, the countryside wasn't an issue. It wasn't under threat. "It is now illegal for your pet dog to chase a squirrel that is eating the bark of your tree? Or that if a fox is in your chicken hut and you kill it, it is illegal? We are dealing with craziness."