Bryan Cranston is terrified of appearing in a musical - so he plans to sign up for one.

The former 'Breaking Bad' actor thinks it is important to step out of his comfort zone to try something new and though the idea of singing on stage ''scares the bejeezus'' out of him, he's determined to give it a go.

Asked if he'd appear in a Broadway musical, he said: ''It is one of those things that scares the bejeezus out of me and [so] that's what I need to do.

''There was a phrase [I heard] that really clicked in my head... that said, 'If you keep doing what you know, then you'll never be able to do what you don't know,' and [I'm] paraphrasing it...but that's to say [you should] walk into something that you're not familiar with and try something new. So, I think, maybe! Who knows?!''

The 63-year-old actor loves working on the stage because he finds it so ''fulfilling''.

Speaking on the red carpet ahead of the Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday (09.06.19) evening, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''It never gets old! We're so fortunate to be able to make a living in this business!

''If you're able to get the kind of roles I'm so lucky to get, just wow!

''You don't do it for any kind of recognition. You do it because it fulfills you. It empowers you to be on stage to be able to tell really important, funny, poignant stories.''

But while Bryan wasn't looking for recognition, he was delighted to scoop his second Tony Award for Best Performance By An Actor In A Leading Role In A Play for his role as Howard Beale in 'Network'.

Bryan - who was accompanied to the event by his wife Robin Dearden - quipped on stage: ''Finally, a straight old white man gets a break.''

In what appeared to be a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump, he then said: ''Howard Beale is a fictitious TV newsman who found himself in the line of fire because of the pursuit of truth.

''I would like to dedicate this to all the real journalists around the world. Both in the press, the print media, and the broadcast media who are in the line of fire. The media is not the enemy of the people. Demagoguery is the enemy of the people.''

Bryan previously won the same prize in 2014 for his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson in 'All the Way'.