The Godzilla star has previously taken charge of episodes of his hit TV shows Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, as well as The Office and Modern Family, but he has yet to test his skills as a director on the big screen.

In a new Twitter chat with fans online, Bryan reveals he is currently working on his first project as a filmmaker and screenwriter.

"I have a script that I wrote recently and I hope to be directing it in the next year, so stay tuned," he told followers.

Cranston did not share any further details about the script during the chat, but it's not the only project on his slate. He is currently filming the new Power Rangers reboot, while he is also attached to star in the planned The Untouchables remake, crime comedy Jackpot, and Wes Anderson's currently-untitled upcoming film.

And there's one other movie Bryan hopes to be involved in, if it is every made - a biopic about real estate mogul and reality TV star-turned-politician Donald Trump.

The actor, who famously portrayed former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson in Broadway play and TV movie adaptation All the Way, expressed his interest in playing the U.S. presidential hopeful during an interview on TV breakfast show Today on Monday (11Jul16), insisting Trump would make perfect film fodder.

"I'd like to play Trump at some point," the 60-year-old mused. "He's huge! He's this Shakespearean character, this serio-tragic-comedic character. Who wouldn't wanna take a bite out of that?"