The former Breaking Bad star teamed up with Affleck for 2012's Argo, which picked up the Best Picture Oscar, and Cranston admits working with the actor/director was a career highlight.

"I think the best thing about Ben is his insight," he tells WENN. "He has total willingness and courage to get down into the dirt as a director. I think he's a very good actor but he's an even better director.

"What I learned from Ben is creating physical obstacles. If a character has an easy arc it's not interesting. So if you put physical obstacles in that character's way, that he or she needs to get around, somehow it adds to the anxiety that an audience wants to feel. He's brilliant at that."

And Cranston laughs off any thought of Affleck being a dummy who got lucky: "He's got a terrific mind. Any time there were breaks doing Argo he would relax by doing The New York Times crossword puzzle - and he would pound it out."

Affleck makes his return as a director and star with new movie Live By Night, which he also wrote. The period gangster movie, which also features Elle Fanning, Chris Messina, and Scott Eastwood, marks his first film as a director since Argo.

The Gone Girl star, who has also directed the critically-acclaimed The Town and Gone Baby Gone, is also slated to write and direct an upcoming stand-alone Batman movie, in which he'll reprise his Caped Crusader from last year's (16) Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.