Bryan Cranston returns as the meth-cooking high school teacher Walt for Breaking Bad season five on Sunday (July 15, 2012). The show will air 8 episodes this year, with the final ever episodes set to hit screens next summer.

Speaking to USA Today, creator Vince Gilligan promised the series would get very, very dark, saying, "The gloves are off". Though the once happily married family man Walt has already boiled his victims, strangled one with a bike lock and shot drugs kingpin Gustavo - he's set to go even further. Gilligan joked, "Honestly, it surprises me to hear people say they love Walt.I don't like Walt as a human being. I pretty much lost sympathy for him long ago. He's a damaged individual". Season five sees Walter continuing his journey into the underground, despite facing several close calls last time out. Hollywood star Cranston says it doesn't surprise him that his character refuses to settle down, saying, "He's not the kind to say: That was a close call. I'm out.Walt has changed so drastically over the years". Gilligan says the 16 episode finishing run is the perfect amount to end the bloodbath of a story, saying, "It's a blessing, because you know what to parcel out, at what point. We have a strong idea of what the ending will consist of".

The show has won a raft of Emmy awards, including three consecutive wins for Cranston as lead dramatic actor. Gilligan says he never expected the show to last, saying, "For so long, we didn't know how people would react, so it's flattering to get 16 more shows. Now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel".