The final episode of the first part of the last season (yeah?) of Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston aired last night, and now we have to wait for months to find out how the Walters meth empire turns out. But before we do, here's a recap of last nights sort-of finale.

Last week, of course, saw Walter kill the deadpan sage of Meth distribution, Mike. The oracle annoyed Walter, or more accurately, challenged his irrepressible ego, which results in a shot to the gut and a minor car crash. This week sees the clean up after the end of Ehrmantraut.

Mikes men, all ten of them, remain locked up and unremunerated for their silence. Walt's rash actions in last weeks episode means he can't obtain those names, so he takes old nervous Lydia out for coffee, given she's the last person on earth that can stop him landing a dozen life sentences. Lydia, remarkably smart and composed for someone who tried to take on Mike earlier in the season, knows Walt will have no reason to keep her alive after she gives up the name, so offers up a plan to distribute their product in the Czech Republic. Seeing the dollar signs, Walt agrees.

In one of the most violently choreographed scenes in Breaking Bad history, Walt's hit on the 10 men 'in-the-know' is carried out by child killer Todd, who dispatches the danger with a consummate and unnerving ease. Meanwhile, Marie tries to give Skyler back the kids, which drives Skyler to try and convince Walt of the futility of his constant drug manufacturing. Walt understands; how much money do you actually need? And goes to Jesse for a good ol' reminisce at the meth lab days.

The garden family dinners are back! The whole family get together for an old fashioned cookout. These kinds of scenes have been the focal point for some of the shows most poignant moments, and this one doesn't disappoint. Whilst embarking on a toilet break (something that's become all the more difficult given his cartel shootout) Hank discovers a present from Walt's erstwhile colleague, Gale Boetticher. And the pieces just fall in to place, right there on the john.

So, is Walt 'out' out? Has Skyler forgiven him? With Mike off the scene, and this new fresh evidence, whom will Hank pursue? Will Marie buy Walt and Skyler's newly mended marriage? Will Walter Jr.!? We now have to wait months to find out. Thanks AMC.