Breaking Bad, the hit, drugs-based drama starring Bryan Cranston, is due to return for it's fifth, and what could possibly be it's final series, this upcoming Sunday (July 15th).

When it ended it's fourth season last year, with the death of Gus Fring at the hands of main man Walter White. The dawn of season five quickly makes clear that whilst Walt looks to have gotten rid of his main rival, his troubles are hardly far from over. He still has the law on his back and has to deal with the prospect of being a reluctant killer. As the fifth season approaches, fans of the show are hotly debating how it should conclude, and how one of TV's most favourite anti-heroes should meet his end, or whether he should at all. Like with the anti-heroes of The Sopranos or some of the characters from the seminal series The Wire, it is not clear what route creator Vince Gilligan will go for when the show reaches its untimely end.

Whatever the outcome, I'm sure that come Sunday they'll be legions of people watching and wondering what will happen next in the ever-intriguing series and under what guise - Mr. White, Heisenberg, The One Who Knocks or The King - Walt will break under.