Season 5 of AMC Breaking Bad is well underway, with the third episode showing in the US last night. The tangled tale of Walt (Bryan Cranston), his battle with cancer and his terribly ill-advised means of providing for his family by 'cooking' drugs gets no less tangled in the show's fifth season. Walt himself has gained an arrogant edge and has become embroiled in a volatile business venture with Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Jesse (Aaron Paul). It's a mis-match made in hell, of course and season five will inevitably document the trio's impending disaster.
When Breaking Bad began, many viewers' sympathies will have lain with Walt, as he desperately sought away to provide for his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and the child that was on the way. As the series has developed, however, his cold confidence, coupled with his refusal to turn his back on his illicit business to do the right thing. In last night's episode, when Marie quizzes him about Skyler's breakdown, after the pressure of the situation has gotten to be more than she can handle, Walt reveals his darker side, spinning a yarn that makes him sound like the injured party and paints Skyler in a bad light.
Then of course, comes Walt's hypocritical little speech about honesty. In the words of The Huffington Post, "He's interested in the myth of his own power: Everything these days is about power, control, asserting dominance." There's a sense of impending doom hanging over this series and last night's episode will have fans of the series on the edges of their seats.