Bruno Mars is to release a new song on Friday (04.11.16).

The 30-year-old singer has only just released his smash hit '24K Magic' and is to treat his fans to another single from his next record at the end of the week.

Speaking on Capital Breakfast with Dave Berry, George Shelley and Lilah Parsons, Bruno said: ''What can I tell you about the new album? You know what I'll tell you guys ... I wasn't gonna do it but I've changed my mind. I'm gonna release one more song on Friday.

''I'm just gonna release a song on Friday because I'm the boss, and I wanna do that.''

Meanwhile, Bruno has teased that he is desperate to get into the studio with Mark Ronson after the pair's worldwide smash hit 'Uptown Funk'.

He said: ''You know, after 'Uptown Funk' Mark went on tour and I was in the studio and he started working with Gaga. Mark is family, so hopefully me and Mark are gonna do hundreds of songs together. We'll get back in.''

Bruno is to release his third studio album '24K Magic' on November 18 and teased that it is his ''sexiest'' record yet.

On what to expect from the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to 2012's 'Unorthodox Jukebox', he said: ''Oh this might be the sexiest album I've ever created.''

The 'Gorilla' hitmaker's long-term bass player Jamareo Artis previously said Bruno regularly played the piano over the phone to him to gauge his opinion on songs for the record.

He previously said: ''Bruno will call me up and play some piano over the phone to see what I think of his ideas, and he'll ask where he should go from there.

''Or I'll go into the studio and he'll have basic parts that he wants me to jam out on and do my thing. Most challenging is when he has me start a song out of nowhere, in any key with any groove or vibe.

''He'll say to me, 'Hey Jam, I need 'Billie Jean'.' That's a lot of pressure, you know? You don't just come up with 'Billie Jean' off the top of your head.

''All you can do is play what you're feeling in that moment and hope it works. But Bruno knows how to make a hit, so if the part works for him, I know I'm in good hands.''