Singer Bruno Mars was so embarrassed to hear his romantic hit Just The Way You Are playing in a French exotic dance club, he resolved to write a new anthem perfect for strippers.

The Grammy winner was left red-faced after his super-sweet track began blaring while he was partying with his entourage at an adult venue in Paris.

Mars admits the incident inspired him to try out a more club-friendly sound using rave sirens - and the result was new song, in collaboration with DJ Diplo, Money Make Her Smile, about a gold-digger.

He tells Rolling Stone, "That's the wild card. Diplo has all the sounds in his computer to make the club go wild. We actually wrote that to be a strip-club anthem.

"After a concert in Paris, we went to a strip club; the promoter got on the mic and said, 'We have a special guest, Bruno Mars!' - and then they played Just the Way You Are. That's the worst song to hear in that environment, so I resolved to write a good one."

Diplo adds, "That record, he wanted to have something for the club, that has some noise on it and an 'I don't give a f**k' feel. Still, he writes giant pop songs. Bruno just does things with the songwriting I could never do - I've never spent so much time working on a bridge or post-chorus, but that's what you have to do."

Money Make Her Smile will feature on Mars' upcoming album Unorthodox Jukebox, due out in December (12).