Bruno Mars' forthcoming album '24K Magic' is all about sex.

The 'Uptown Funk' hitmaker's eagerly-anticipated follow-up to 2012's 'Unorthodox Jukebox' is inspired by the hunky pop star's youth spent flirting with the opposite sex to love songs at the school disco.

He told the latest issue of NME magazine: ''For me, 95 per cent of music is about love. That's why cavemen were hitting stones to get everybody around the fire and get them feeling sexy. It's exactly the same principle, the same thing: just get people on the dancefloor, get the girls smiling.

''That was my childhood; that's why I fell in love with music. Those 90s songs are what I was singing to get the girls in school, the songs that the girls like, what we were dancing to as children. New Edition. Boys II Men. Blackstreet. Mint Condition. Babyface. Jimmy Jam. Terry Lewis. Teddy Riley.

''I think that the reason why that music resonates so much for me is that it made it OK to dance - it was cool to dance.

''It was cool to be joyous, to have fun and wear some flashy s***. It was cool to fall in love and smile and flirt on the dancefloor.''

Meanwhile, the 'Gorilla' singer has admitted he doesn't like his fans using their mobile phones at his shows because it spoils his ''connection'' with the crowd.

He explained:''I say it in my shows after the first song. I try to tell people, like, 'Put your cameras down!' It's just, why I wanted to do music my whole life is because I fell in love with holding a microphone and being the Master of Ceremonies. And with that, seeing the reaction ... that's the art! That is the art - to feel the room. That's what we get addicted to, this unexplainable feeling where you have the power to give people a night that they'll never forget.

''But the phone thing created this wall, where I'm going, 'Man, I can't see no faces. I don't know if you're smiling, and you can't dance because you're worried about the shot so you're not moving.' And it's a weird battle because you can't complain about it because you have people at your show. But I promise you that if you put your phone down, then I'm gonna give you something.''

'24K Magic' is out on Friday (18.11.16).

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