Hollywood hardman Bruce Willis was honoured in Paris yesterday (13APR05) for his contribution to the film industry, by the French government.

The 50-year-old actor was made OFFICIER DANS L'ORDRE DES ARTS ET DES LETTRES (OFFICER IN THE ORDER OF ARTS AND LETTERS) at a ceremony in the capital, where he was presented his honour by French Culture Minister RENAUD DONNEDIEU DE VABRES.

Donnedieu de Vabres said, "This is France's way of paying tribute to an actor who epitomises the strength of American cinema, the power of the emotions that he invites us to share on the world's screens and the sturdy personalities of his legendary characters."

The DIE HARD star said in French, he was "very touched" to receive his medal, adding, "Thank you France and Culture Minister for this great, great honour."

Last month (MAR05) British film-maker Alan Parker was made CHEVALIER DE L'ORDRE DES ARTS ET DES LETTRES (KNIGHT OF THE ORDER OF ARTS AND LETTERS), while actor LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Martin Scorsese were also honoured by the French government with similar titles earlier this year (JAN05).

14/04/2005 02:52