Bruce Willis is offering up tips on how to kill a wolf with your bare hands in a new survival article.
The action man tells the new issue of Men's Journal magazine how to impress women, what not to drink on a heavy night out and the vital information every father should pass onto his children - but it's his precise wolf-killing skills that will impress most.
He suggests the first thing to do when attacked in the wild is to "give the wolf your arm".
He explains, "You've got to lean into it, stick your arm all the way down his throat. He can't swallow it because he's gagging on your arm.
"You reach in, you grab a handful of something - guts, the back of its throat, whatever you can hold - and pull it out.
"And try to avoid those claws while you're doing it."
Willis insists he's a wealth of manly information like that.
He adds, "If I ever get out of this acting racket, I'm going to be (TV self-help guru) Dr. Phil's competition. Except I would be the alpha-dog side and tell you how to kill a wolf with your bare hands."