Hollywood hardman Bruce Willis was left squirming in his seat during a late night U.S. TV interview on Tuesday (12Oct10) when he confessed his famous wolf-killing tips were based on pure fiction.
The Die Hard star shared his step-by-step advice on how to kill a wolf with your bare hands in a survival article for Men's Journal magazine in February (10).
He suggested the first thing one should do when attacked in the wild is to "give the wolf your arm", before explaining, "You've got to lean into it, stick your arm all the way down his throat. He can't swallow it because he's gagging on your arm.
"You reach in, you grab a handful of something - guts, the back of its throat, whatever you can hold - and pull it out. And try to avoid those claws while you're doing it."
Willis recalled the top tips at the request of comedian Jimmy Kimmel when he appeared on his talk show on Tuesday, but the actor's tall tale caught up with him when the presenter asked him point blank if he'd ever killed an animal with his bare hands.
Mumbling, Willis confessed, "Well, no."
Kimmel quizzed the action man further, exclaiming, "Not even a fish?", to which the star replied, "Maybe a pigeon, I don't know if I hit it or not... I don't know."