DIE HARD star Bruce Willis recruited Matthew Perry for a bizarre surprise sketch in mock Hebrew on David Letterman's chat show on Tuesday night (07APR04).

Willis, who appeared on the show in a DONALD TRUMP-style wig and bunny slippers, brought out his Canadian-born pal to promote their new movie THE WHOLE TEN YARDS - but their strange act left audiences none the wiser about the film.

Willis told Letterman, "We have a little problem. We had a clip for The Whole Ten Yards, but it got left on someone's dashboard and it melted. So my good pal Matthew Perry is here. We're gonna act out a little scene.

"I'm gonna set this live clip up for you. It's a scene where Matthew, whose character OZ is in trouble once again, comes down to Mexico to find me, JIMMY THE TULIP, and ask for my help, and I've made him a nice domesticated meal. But before the meal, this happens."

Willis, whose ex-wife Demi Moore is a Kabbalah devotee, then began to pray in mock Hebrew, prompting Perry to ask, "Is that Hebrew? Aren't you Catholic?"

When Willis confirmed he was a devout Catholic, he continued to chant for another few seconds, before he and Perry announced the end of the sketch and the FRIENDS star left the studio.

Willis also brought his daughter TALLULAH BELLE, who has a role in the movie, out onto the set at the end of his segment.

08/04/2004 09:24