Sony is planning to take a risky plunge into 3D technology by converting some of its library to 3D, then presenting the result in theaters and on Blu-ray discs, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. "We'll probably be able to start next fiscal year, if we can convert them into 3D with good effects," Joe Nakata, a deputy general manager for Sony's 3D strategy unit, told Bloomberg News in Tokyo. The converted movies and videogames would then be available for rental or purchase by owners of Sony's upcoming line of 3D television sets. Sony projected that -- content aside -- it will probably earn $11 billion from projected sales of 3D TV sets. Meanwhile, Sony said Wednesday that the Michael Jackson concert documentary This Is It sold 1.2 million copies in its first week, making it the No. 1 home video of the week. Surprisingly the video debuted at No. 5 on Home Media magazine's rental chart. In first place was the sci-fi thriller Surrogates starring Bruce Willis.