Action star Bruce Willis has pal Will Smith to thank for his happy family life, after the MEN IN BLACK star gave him good advice when he was going through his divorce from actress Demi Moore. Smith was divorced and managed to successfully blend his families after marrying Jada Pinkett Smith and advised Willis on how to manage the ordeal. Willis has three children with Moore, who is now remarried to Ashton Kutcher, and the extended family spends lots of time together thanks to Smith's wise words. Willis explains, "We couldn't be happier. Holidays - we just laugh the whole time. Everybody's together. "We did something at the time that seemed like a small decision, but now it's a huge thing and we get a lot of compliments on it - we put the kids first. "It's hard to do. It's hard to set aside anger and resentment, but if you can do it and put the kids first it's just great. "I have to thank Will Smith for that, he gave me that advice."