Lawyers for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Scout have vowed to fight her recent arrest for underage drinking, insisting the beer she was accused of consuming doesn't exist.
The 20 year old was picked up by cops after allegedly drinking an eight-ounce can of Pakistani beer at New York's Union Square on 4 June (12) and handing police a fake ID card. She was charged with two misdemeanours.
Scout Willis is due back in Manhattan Criminal Court at the end of the month (31Jul12) to answer to the charges after recently denying the state's offer to enter a guilty plea, but now lawyers for the beauty have mounted their defence, claiming the Muslim country's only brewery - the Murree Brewery - doesn't make or distribute eight-ounce cans of beer.
In new documents, released on Friday (06Jul12), lawyer Stacey Richman told prosecutors, "There is only one Pakistani brewery, and it is not permitted to export beer products from Pakistan. This information is derived from direct inquiries with the only remaining brewery in Pakistan.”
Richman is now asking that prosecutors agree to dismiss the charges so long as the Brown University student remains out of trouble, according to the New York Post.