Hollywood action man Bruce Willis stunned Tv viewers on Friday (15Feb13) when he spat water all over the floor during an interview to illustrate how he keeps his baby daughter entertained.

The Die Hard star and his wife Emma Heming welcomed their first child together, Mabel, in April last year (12) and the father-of-four has taken on the role of his youngest daughter's personal entertainer.

He appeared for an interview on British morning show Daybreak on Friday and stunned host Kate Garraway with his messy stunt.

Willis told Garraway, "I think my job really, outside of acting, is trying to make Mabel laugh. I do stupid stuff all the time (like) spit-takes."

He then took a sip of water and when Garraway continued with the interview, he spat the liquid all over the floor, much to the surprise of the giggling host.

Willis added, "That's what I am trying to do (make you laugh) and you are not 10 months old."