Rumer took to the stage first, appearing on the Great White Way in a production of hit musical Chicago back in September (15).

Just weeks after she completed her run, her father Bruce made his own Broadway debut in a stage adaptation of Stephen King's Misery, and 27-year-old Rumer reveals they have been sharing advice on how to cope with gruelling stage stints.

"Being on Broadway together for the first time has made us more equal in certain ways," Rumer tells New York Post gossip column Page Six. "Now we can talk about how we survive eight shows a week or what we do when we strain our voices... We now have that in common. We're both learning it together."

Bruce received a slew of lacklustre reviews following Misery's opening at the Broadhurst Theatre on Sunday night (15Nov15), with critics accusing the actor of failing to drop his "smug tough guy" persona and simply transferring his Die Hard character John MCClane to the stage.

"As (Die Hard character) John MCClane - sorry, I mean (Misery character) Paul - regains his strength and resourcefulness, the actor's familiar screen persona of the smug tough guy kicks in, making it seem as if he's in on the joke and undercutting any real sense of danger..." wrote David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter.

The New York Times' Ben Brantley added, "You're more likely to experience chills sitting in a tepid bath at home... Mr. Willis behaves in much the same way as he does as the indestructible Detective MCClane while being tortured, shot at and nearly blown to oblivion in the Die Hard film series."