Bruce Willis punches his co-stars to see how macho they are.

The 58-year-old actor claims he likes ''getting punched'' and says he and his fellow action stars have always competed over who can cope with being hit hardest.

He said: ''I just really like getting punched, every guy does. It's one of those men things, getting punched and never complaining. We spent decades on set seeing who could take the hardest punches, it's a game, the first who complains is a p**sy. It might be childish but...''

Although he is getting close to entering his 60s, Bruce doesn't feel old and insists his rigorous fitness regime keeps him in top shape.

The 'A Good Day To Die Hard' star - who is married to 34-year-old model Emma Heming - told Italy's Best Movie website: ''I don't feel old at all. Other people say I'm old, but I still feel the same, I still do the same things. I do a lot of sports and like eating a lot.''