Bruce Willis used to call big film stars just to let them know he is a ''huge fan''.

The 57-year-old actor recalls a time when he contacted the late 'Sorry, Wrong Number' actress Barbara Stanwyck to praise her talents, but at the time he didn't realise he was ''bothering'' his idols.

He said: ''I remember, back then, in my hubris, thinking everyone wants to see me. I called Barbara Stanwyck at the L'Ermitage Hotel, where she was spending the later years of her life. She says, 'Who is this?' Very cranky. 'It's Bruce Willis. I was just calling to say that I'm such a huge fan.' 'Oh. OK. Thank you.'

''My hubris exceeded my understanding of not bothering people. I don't make those calls so much anymore.''

Bruce starred as a private detective in TV series 'Moonlighting' in the 1980s and he was pleasantly surprised when Hollywood legend Cary Grant sent him a note praising the show.

The Hollywood tough guy - who can currently be seen in action sequel 'A Good Day to Die Hard' - added to the new US issue of GQ magazine: ''It would take me a long time to think what the last funny movie I saw was. 'Moonlighting' was kind of screwball comedy. Talk real fast. Be funny. Cary Grant sent us a note, because he watched 'Moonlighting'. It was awesome ... yeah.''