Bruce Springsteen's guitarist Steven Van Zandt has given former BEATLE PETE BEST the chance to be cool again - by inviting him to play at his inaugural UNDERGROUND GARAGE FESTIVAL.

The rocker-turned-radio presenter is staging the day festival to pay tribute to the coolest "garage" rock bands on the planet.

And, as well as acts like THE STOKES, THE ELECTRIC PRUNES, New York Dolls and a reformed IGGY + The Stooges, Van Zandt has invited original FAB FOUR drummer Best to bring his new group to the stage.

He says, "Before RINGO (STARR) was in the Beatles, Pete Best was in the Beatles and the archetype garage band was the Beatles in Hamburg before they recorded.

"Pete Best kind of stopped evolving right there, so he's like in '63, which is the coolest thing... He's got that sound still."

In keeping with the garage vibe, Van Zandt has teamed up with American fast food chain DUNKIN' DONUTS in a bid to keep ticket prices cheap - tickets for the 14 August (04) event will be just $20 (GBP11.10).

06/08/2004 19:26