Bruce Springsteen's wife PATTI SCIALFA got drunk to record one track on her new album PLAY IT AS IT LAYS - so she could conjure up the character she'd created in the song. The rocker knocked back tequila to get in the spirit for Bad For You, which tells the tale of a boozed-up woman courting in a bar. She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I wanted to get to that person in the song: the girl that's drinking, maybe flirting too much and sending signals she shouldn't be sending. "The recording studio was too sterile for that, so I drank a ton of tequila, smoked a lot of cigarettes and sang it. "I know I sang out of tune, but I liked it." Scialfa admits a lot of the song is about her, revealing it's her response to the song her husband wrote - that she hates. She explains, "On (Springsteen album) Devils + Dust, there's a song about the man in the hotel room with the hooker... "I was like, `What are you writing about that s**t for? Are you f**king crazy?' But that's what led me to write Bad For You. He gave himself license, so I gave myself license to write."