Rocker Bruce Springsteen stunned his musician pal Steven Van Zandt when he took to the waves to show off his surfing skills - and knocked his front teeth out. The Born To Run singer developed a series of obsessions in the 60s and his hobby of choice in 1967 was surfing, according to the guitarist in Springsteen's group the E Street Band. However, Van Zandt quickly realised Springsteen's talents were far from polished when the star's face was involved in a high speed collision with his surf board. He says, "To this day he makes me laugh. One day, for no apparent reason, he took up surfing, which was a bizarre thing to do in New Jersey. Surfing wasn't cool at that point. "So we went to the beach so he could demonstrate it to me. He goes out. First wave, he gets up on it, falls off it, surfboard comes up and knocks out his front teeth. He comes in dragging the board, bleeding like he's had his throat cut. I told him I'd take a raincheck on it."