An American ticket agency is facing legal action after selling tickets for a Bruce Springsteen concert at extortionate prices.

New Jersey Attorney General PETER C HARVEY has announced a lawsuit accusing Florida-based company GULF COAST TICKETS of charging a 275 per cent profit on tickets for the December 2003 gig.

The company, also known as FIRST CHOICE TICKETS, resold $100 (GBP55) tickets at a marked up price of $375 (GBP208) - under New Jersey state law only a 50 per cent markup is allowed. The lawsuit says that a DIVISION OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS undercover agent purchased four tickets for $1,500 (GBP833).

In a statement, Harvey told Newark's Superior Court the company had intentionally tried to "cash in illegally on Bruce Springsteen's popularity and benevolence".

01/11/2004 10:39