Bruce Springsteen has become a political target - a concert promoter is making efforts to draft him for a benefit concert to oppose American President George W Bush's re-election bid.

Promoter and Democratic activist ANDREW RASIEJ is collecting signatures to draft Springsteen and wants to hold the event at New Jersey's Giants Stadium on 1 September (03), during the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION in neighbouring New York.

Rasiej says it's contingent on Springsteen agreeing to be there, which he hopes will lead other artists to join in.

A Springsteen spokeswoman MARILYN LAVERTY, however, insists Springsteen will not play - despite his open criticism of the Bush administration.

She says, "Bruce Springsteen will not be performing at any events tied to the Republican or Democratic conventions."

Rasiej, 46, founded the IRVING PLAZA concert hall in Manhattan and has served as technology adviser to former Democratic presidential candidate HOWARD DEAN.

24/06/2004 20:56