Rocker-turned-TV hitman 'LITTLE' STEVEN VAN ZANT is forming his own theatre company with his actress wife VICTORIA. THE SOPRANOS star, who spent years as Bruce Springsteen's loyal sideman, has announced plans to create a troupe of thespians dedicated to taking classic American plays to Broadway, New York. The ambitious project, dubbed Renegade Theatre, will include persuading top TV stars to take stage roles in the Big Apple for short theatrical runs - and televise the production. Van Zant tells USA Today newspaper, "Most people, if they don't come to Broadway, don't get a chance to see theatre, and, even if you do come to Broadway, it's mostly big musicals (playing) now. "There's this treasure trove of American art that has been languishing." The Van Zant's are hoping to launch their new project later this year (06).