The reasons behind the curtailment of Bruce Springsteen's Hyde Park concert on Saturday (14.07.12) are still unknown.

Fans were left bemused when his duet with Sir Paul McCartney during the Hard Rock Calling event was abruptly ended in order to meet a 10:30pm curfew and organisers Live Nation claimed it was down to ''health and safety'' issues.

However, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) insist they had nothing to do with it.

Kevin Myers, deputy chief executive of the HSE, said: ''The fans deserve the truth. There are no health and safety issues involved here.

''While public events may have licensing conditions dictating when they should end, this is not health and safety and it is disingenuous of Live Nation to say so.''

According to Westminster Council the decision to end the concert was made by organisers ''to comply with their licence''.

In a statement on the Hard Rock Calling website, Live Nation said it was ''unfortunate'' that the performance had been ''stopped right at the very end''.