Bruce Springsteen is an "artificial" songwriter whose his lyrics bear no resemblance to his everyday life, according to British singer Paul Heaton.

THE Beautiful South frontman argues the BORN IN THE USA legend steps into character when he sings about sadness and hardship, insisting his wealthy lifestyle is in stark contrast to the tragedy in some of his tunes.

Heaton says, "Most writers are playing out a position and most songs are artificial, trying to get into the situation of the person you're writing about, playing a role, trying to feel as close to their position as possible.

"Look at Bruce Springsteen in BETTER DAYS - 'A life of leisure and pirate's treasure don't make much for tragedy.' Springsteen is a rich and successful man but he's trying to feel the opposite of what life at home must be like for himself. He's deliberately trying to write a blues lyric."

18/01/2005 09:14