Bruce Springsteen is working on a brand new album and confirmed plans for a UK tour.

The 'Born To Run' star - whose debut LP 'Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.' was released in 1974 - admitted he sees no reason why he can't keep going for at least another decade, and revealed he plans to follow up his Broadway show by getting back to his ''day job'' of being a touring musician.

Speaking about his plans for a new album, he told the Sunday Times newspaper: ''For lack of a better word, it's a singer-songwriter album -- more of a solo record.''

The Boss made it clear retirement isn't an option for him at the moment, and the 69-year-old rocker admitted he always wished he'd seen what the likes of Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix would have been doing if they'd lived longer.

He added: ''I'm suited for the long haul. I'm interested in what I might accomplish over a lifetime of music making. I would like to have a 70-year-old Elvis reinventing his talents and [seen] where Jimi Hendrix might've next taken the electric guitar.''

His comments come after Springsteen revealed music had helped him find an escape and deal with the depression he battled in his youth.

He recently said: ''When I was a child, and into my teens...I felt like a very, very empty vessel.

''And it wasn't until I began to fill it up with music that I began to feel my own personal power and my impact on my friends and the small world that I was in. I began to get some sense of myself. But it came out of a place of real emptiness.''