The Born in the U.S.A. singer is famous for his brooding, moody songs, and in his upcoming autobiography, Born To Run, the veteran singer admits the lyrics often reflect his battle with the blues.

"One of the points I'm making in the book is that, whoever you've been and wherever you've been, it (depression) never leaves you," Springsteen said. "I always picture it as a car. All your selves are in it. And a new self can get in, but the old selves can't ever get out. The important thing is, who's got their hands on the wheel at any given moment?"

"You don't know the illness's parameters," he adds. "Can I get sick enough to where I become a lot more like my father than I thought I might?"

The Boss has also revealed he underwent surgery three years ago to address a chronic numbness in his left side that was hindering his guitar playing, explaining his throat was cut open and his vocal cords temporarily tied off so doctors could insert replacement disks.

"It's been very successful for me," Bruce says after revealing he was told he couldn't sing for three months.