Singer Bruce Springsteen has launched an official concert downloading website, where fans can access concert and archival footage.

Brad Serling, the founder of, approached the Born in the U.S.A. hitmaker about the idea five years ago, but Springsteen initially turned it down.

However, the 65 year old had a change of heart when he watched some of his shows on content sharing site

Serling tells, "It was Bruce looking at YouTube and seeing fan-generated content from his recent shows, as well as archival stuff.

"He was like, 'We can do better than this. We own the masters!' What's great is, he wasn't saying, 'F**k those guys. Take that stuff down. Screw YouTube.' It was, 'If this is happening, we should be doing it officially.'"

Live Bruce Springsteen features more than 30 recent gigs, with The Boss planning to add more.

Serling continues, "It's very exciting to think about the different eras that will be covered and what's really interesting is where the tapes are coming from. What's in the vault, what isn't. Not all of it is in their archives, so they are sourcing material now."