The 67-year-old E Street Band rocker is famous for his lively onstage antics, including his trademark knee slides.

However Bruce, who had a major neck operation in 2013, now holds back to ensure he doesn't hurt himself.

"I'm probably not going to do three running somersaults at this point," he tells The Guardian. "But the basic thing, the only thing that I notice as I've gotten older is that you have certain structural weaknesses in your body that arise, and you've got to manage your physical self so it can do the essential and important things.

"So you can deliver your message and create the evening you want to create. So you curtail a few of the other things that at this point aren't as necessary - you have the possibility of busting your back or your neck."

In his recent autobiography Bruce revealed how he had undergone a gruesome medical procedure to repair discs in his neck after feeling chronic numbness in his left side.

The veteran musician was unable to sing for three months after the surgery, which required him having his throat cut open and replacement spinal discs inserted.

Despite his advancing years and the realisation that he has to be more careful with his stage antics, the Born to Run singer says he feels as fit as he's ever done.

"Those are the only adjustments I've had to make," he explains. "Energy wise, I don't feel anything different. Physically, I don't feel anything different. We've played some of the longest shows of our career (in 2016), so there are a few small things, but not too much."

Bruce begins a 15 date tour of Australia and New Zealand later this month (Jan17).