Bruce Springsteen doesn't work ''linearly, like a lot of people''.

The musical legend is preparing to release his upcoming album 'High Hopes' in January, but he admits the record was put together in an abnormal manner, unlike other artists who have a structure.

He said: ''The best way to describe this record is that it's a bit of an anomaly. But not much. I don't really work linearly, like a lot of people do.''

The 64-year-old star has always written and recorded more songs than he can fit onto an album at any one time, but he keeps them stashed away on a computer so he can listen to them when he gets bored while on tour.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he explained: ''I have a lot of this music on a computer. I bring it out on the road to amuse myself.

''Very often, if I have nothing to do late at night I'll bring it up and look at different bodies of music.''

Meanwhile, Springsteen said previously 'High Hopes' was a trip down memory lane for him because he picked a mixture of new material, covers and re-recorded versions of existing songs which he felt ''deserved'' to be recorded properly.

He explained last month: ''Some of these songs, 'American Skin' and 'Ghost of Tom Joad', you'll be familiar with from our live versions.

''I felt they were among the best of my writing and deserved a proper studio recording. 'The Wall' is something I'd played on stage a few times and remains very close to my heart.''

'High Hopes' will be available from January 14, 2014.