Bruce Springsteen doesn't worry about fluctuations in his success.

The 67-year-old music icon has seen his status ebb and flow through the course of his legendary career, but has insisted it is not something that has ever concerned him.

Asked if it's something he's found tough to cope with, Bruce explained: ''Not really. Everyone has their moments when they think, 'Gee, why isn't everyone listening to this record I made?' But I take the ebb and flow of my work life, after 50 years of doing it, as a natural part of the dynamic of your career.

''But whenever you put something out there - particularly if you believe in it completely - you want to to be understood, you want it to be well received. You want to grab people's ears - that's my business. If not, you're going to be disappointed.''

Meanwhile, the 'Born in the U.S.A.' hitmaker said he has been forced to adjust his onstage antics as he's aged, admitting he is not physically capable of delivering the energetic performances that once defined his shows.

Bruce told the Guardian newspaper: ''I'm probably not going to do three running somersaults at this point. But the basic thing, the only thing that I notice as I've gotten older is that you have certain structural weaknesses in your body that arise, and you've got to manage your physical self so it can do the essential and important things. So you can deliver your message and create the evening you want to create.

''So you curtail a few of the other things that at this point aren't as necessary - you have the possibility of busting your back or your neck.''