Bruce Springsteen hurled expletives at the Isle of Wight Festival crowd during his headlining spot on Sunday night (24Jun12) as he realised he'd have to change the performance of a new tune while a backing singer struggled to make it to the front of the vast stage.
The rock star called singer Cindy Mizelle to join him at the front of the stage for a rousing chorus of Shackled & Drawn, but had no idea how long it would take her to get to him from her spot by a drum podium.
The Boss had to ask his bandmates to play an instrumental as he helped Mizelle clamber up onto the platform he was standing on overlooking the crowd.
He joked, "It's a f**king million miles out here," adding, "(It's) one f**king hike to get out here."
As Cindy battled over cables, across the stage and up stairs in high heels, Springsteen quipped, "Come on Cindy, you can make it!"