Former STONE ROSES star IAN BROWN sympathises with Bruce Springsteen's setlist struggle before concerts, because he too has a huge archive of material to choose from.

The British singer has recently introduced his ex-band's pioneering tunes into his solo gigs, but he admits planning a concert has now become a major task - and his running orders often clock up performance times of over three hours.

However, like Springsteen, he's learning how to pick and ditch songs.

He says, "I've got a great bag of songs with me now. Now that I've sort of decided I'm going to do a couple of (Stone) Roses tunes, you know I've got like 15 years work.

"It's just deciding what I'm not going to play you know. I've got four solo LPs and I've got the Roses tunes, I've got the tunes I've done with Unkle. It's like a Bruce Springsteen set, it's cutting it down."

22/10/2004 09:44