Golden Harvest, once one of the world's leading film studios, famed for such kung fu films as Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon in 1979 and later its Hollywood production of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , is being revived. Now called Orange Sky Golden Harvest following its merger with Orange Sky Entertainment Group in 2007, the company said today (Wednesday) that it plans to release five movies a year and expand its theater chain from 12 to 600 venues over the next three years. At a news conference in Hong Kong, General Manager Chen Guowei said, "I hope we can become the most influential movie company in China that combines production, distribution and movie theaters in three years." The company has not produced a film since 2003. In a related development, Viacom siblings Paramount and Nickelodeon announced that they had obtained the rights to produce a new Ninja Turtles movie from current rights owners The Mirage Group and Entertainment, Inc. for $60 million.