Bruce Dern still doesn't feel famous.

The star has his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his role in 'Nebraska' this year, and despite starring in over 80 films in a career spanning over 40 years, he doesn't feel fame has got to him.

He said: ''I still don't know I'm famous. I'm waiting for the phone to ring now!''

However, the star admits he did start at the top, with some of the biggest stars of the day.

He added: ''My first job in Hollywood was an Elia Kazan movie called 'Wild River', starring Lee Remick and Montgomery Clift, in the fall of 1959. Luckily, I started at the top.''

Bruce, 77, is happy to give advice on what makes him such a convincing actor and to keep him at the top in Hollywood.

He told People magazine: ''Key to my performance is the ability to expose your heart to an audience and date to risk every single take.''