BABYLON 5 star Bruce Boxleitner is desperate for Virgin bosses to drop the price of their upcoming shuttle trip - so he can afford to blast off. The actor is on the Board Of Directors at the National Space Society but that's not helping him get a cheap space flight when the first Virgin Galactic shuttle takes off in 2010. He moans, "I wish they'd hurry it along and make it cheaper. I'd love to do it, but it's like $200,000 per person. "We should get a Screen Actors Guild ride going! I have a feeling it'll be the Scream Actors Guild. "I've always been fascinated with the wide open spaces; it's the unknown. The closest I've been to space is Babylon 5 but I never actually left the planet." So far, the only celebrities onboard the first flight are Bryan Ferry and former Dallas star Victoria Principal. Virgin Galactic director Alex Tai has revealed 80,000 people from 120 countries have shown an interest in the first space trip.