It had to contend with mostly negative reviews, the NCAA men's basketball semifinals, Easter sunrise services (and therefore families going to bed early on Saturday night), a limited number of 3D screens (and no IMAX screens at all) as well as some potent competition from other marquee titles, but Warner Bros.' Clash of the Titans nevertheless set a box office record for an Easter weekend by hauling in $61.2 million (or $63.9 million including Thursday-night previews). The previous record for an Easter opener was held by Scary Movie 4 with $40.2 million. It was not the biggest April debut, however. That record is held by last year's Fast & Furious with $70.95 million, without the benefit of 3D premium pricing. The weekend turned out to be The Clash for the 3D screens as well, with Paramount/Dreamworks holding on to most of them -- and dropping just 34 percent from last week's opening with $29.01 million. In its fourth week, Disney's Alice in Wonderland , the other contender for 3D screens, dropped a typical 54 percent with $8.2 to bring its total domestic gross to $309.73 million. Tyler Perry continued to prove to be Lionsgate's most reliable filmmaker as his Why Did I Get Married Too? opened in second place with $29.3 million, while Miley Cyrus proved that she didn't need any help from Hannah Montana to sell $16 million worth of tickets over the weekend and $25.4 million when Wednesday and Thursday screenings are factored in. (By comparison, however, her Hannah Montana The Movie opened in April last year with $39.6 million over five days.) Overall, the box office was up 14 percent from the same weekend a year ago.

The top ten films over the weekend, according to final figures compiled by Box Office Mojo (figures in parentheses represent total gross to date) 1. Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros. , $61,235,105, 1 Wk., $63,890,110 -- From Thursday); 2. Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? , Lionsgate, $29,289,537, (New); 3. How to Train Your Dragon, Paramount/DreamWorks Animation, $29,010,044, 2 Wks. ($92,135,916); 4. The Last Song , Disney, $16,007,426, 1 Wk. $25,395,041 -- From Wednesday); 5. Alice in Wonderland , Disney, $8,208,060, 5 Wks. ($309,733,753); 6. Hot Tub Time Machine , MGM, $8,070,716, 2 Wks. ($27,910,213); 7. The Bounty Hunter , Sony, $6,091,907, 3 Wks. ($48,853,453); 8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid , 20th Century Fox, $5,302,369, 3 Wks. ($46,013,347); 9. She's Out of My League , Paramount, $1,516,952, 4 Wks. ($28,712,974); 10. Shutter Island , Paramount, $1,488,403, 7 Wks. ($123,440,937).