Former Bros star Matt Goss fought back tears on live Tv on Thursday (22Jan15) as he opened up about "facing his demons" after returning to his native U.K. following the death of his mother.

The singer and his brother Luke were left devastated when their mum Carol lost her battle with cancer last May (14).

Goss lives in the U.S. as he has a residency at a resort in Las Vegas, but he has come back to Britain for a series of shows this month (Jan15).

He has revealed the trip is a difficult one because he is having to face memories of his mum during his time in the U.K.

Speaking on British Tv show Loose Women, Goss explains, "I've had a very tumultuous year... My mum (died)... She was my whole world and it left a gaping hole in my life. I made a conscious decision to... acknowledge that hole in my life and part of filling that hole is coming back to my homeland and I'm going to walk through St James's Park (in London), it was the last park me and mum walked through (together). I'm going to have to face the demons and just get through that..."

However, Goss is adamant the trip will help heal his emotional wounds, adding, "It's going to be cathartic to me to just connect as part of that process."