Former Bros heart-throb Luke Goss has hit out at talent shows like Pop Idol and Fame Academy because he fears they are "exploiting" young singers.

Luke, who hit the big time in the 1980s with his twin MATT, believes record industry bosses like Simon Cowell fail to give the show's winners the financial rewards he earned in his prime.

The WHEN WILL I BE FAMOUS? hitmaker fumes, "It's disgusting how little the young pop stars are being paid these days. Record industry bosses are exploiting young artists like never before. When I was in the charts I got a say in everything, but that doesn't happen anymore."

The shaven-headed hunk, who is now trying to forge a career in Hollywood, adds, "Artists these days are swept up, milked for all their worth, and then spat out within a year."

21/09/2003 13:53