Brooklyn Decker's husband has a crush on Jennifer Aniston.

The former swimsuit model revealed Andy Roddick, 28, loves older women and her 'Just Go With It' co-star Jennifer is at the top of his list.

She revealed: "He absolutely loves Jen' Aniston, Diane Lane, Faith Hill and Christie Brinkley."

However Andy is not the only member of his family who admires the 42-year-old actress, Brooklyn enjoyed working with Jennifer so much she admitted she prefers her to their co-star Nicole Kidman.

When asked to choose between them, Brooklyn said: "I love them both so much, I'm going to say Jen' because she and I spent a few months together whereas Nicole and I only spent a few weeks together."

Brooklyn, 23, also revealed she loves hairy chests and, despite her modelling background, she prefers to spend most of her time in sweats.

Asked if she prefers sex or sleep, she told Us Weekly magazine: "Oh my god, my husband will kill me if I don't say sex. I like a hairy chest, I think that's really sexy. I'm not naked a lot oddly enough but I usually wear sweats, it's very unsexy."