The Battleship star had spent her first night away from her baby son Hank earlier this week (begs25Apr16), and she was eager to return home to her husband, former tennis ace Andy Roddick, and their almost seven-month-old boy on Wednesday (27Apr16).

However, her flight was held on the tarmac for almost two hours, and, after wrestling with the idea of pumping at her seat, she decided to disembark the aircraft and use an airport restroom instead.

However, when she returned moments later to head back onboard, she was told the plane doors had been closed.

Taking to Twitter to vent her frustration, she wrote, "2 mechanical delays. Told we could de-plane. I did. Pumped in the bathroom. Returned 15 min later. Flight closed. Deeeeep breaths (sic)."

"WHO LETS PASSENGERS OFF, THEN CLOSES THE GATE SHORTLY AFTER?!?" she fumed, before revealing the drama had brought her to tears: "*GULPS WINE* MISSES BABY *SOBS*".

The 29-year-old ended up killing time at a bar until the next available flight, and she continued to express her annoyance at airline officials, although she didn't name and shame the company or airport in question.

"And I repeat-this is the FIRST TIME leaving my baby," she added. "I don't know why I'm sharing all of this. I'm just livid. And tweeting. Whilst drinking...

"As women and as moms we try to do it all but it sure ain't easy. Crazy thing is I got off to pump thinking, 'I don't want to offend the guy next to me.' But why? He probably sucked a boob too. #winemusings (sic)".

Brooklyn's nightmare journey only hit headlines on Friday (29Apr16), and she promptly took to Twitter to insist she had done nothing wrong.

"Just to be clear I didn't ask the plane to let me off to pump," she tweeted. "I would never ask an airline to make those kind of accommodations.

"After mechanical delays we were running almost 2 hours behind schedule & they told all passengers they could get off & return if they wished".

The blonde beauty has since learned her lesson and on Friday, as she headed to Austin, Texas, she chose to remain in her plane seat to pump: "Ironically, I'm sitting on a flight as I type this," she posted. "Pumping next to a perfectly, lovely (male) stranger... All is well."

Brooklyn is due to co-host the 2016 iHeartCountry Festival in Austin on Saturday (30Apr16).