Brooke Shields is preparing to face another battle with postpartum depression after learning she's due to give birth to her second child next year (06).

The actress, who battled the blues after giving birth to her daughter ROWAN in 2003, insists she's ready to take on the depression should it strike twice.

She says, "If you're aware of what your struggles are, then you can take the necessary action to safeguard yourself to be ready for it. So I'm not afraid.

"Plus, it won't be such a shock. The biochemical shifts, I'll just have to be ready to be aware of it, now I know what the signs are."

Meanwhile, Shields is confident she's well-equipped to tackle post-partum depression should she suffer the blues after the birth of her second child because she knows which drugs work for her and which don't.

She insists she knows what anti-depression drugs to avoid this time around - like happy pill Paxil.

Shields adds, "I probably would not take that one again because, individually, it made my tongue (throb). I sounded like I was drunk all the time.

"(And then) it was devastating when I went off of it because I went off of it cold turkey, which was a huge mistake."