Brooke Shields had second thoughts about extending her contract to perform in Chicago on London's West End, because the show has left her suffering constant physical pain.

The actress performs eight shows a week at London's Adelphi Theatre - and at the age of 40, the intensely physical BOB FOSSE-choreographed show has taken a terrible toll on her body.

She says, "I am in constant pain. My hips hurt, my toes ache, I have to have my feet strapped every day.

"When I'm not rehearsing, I try to sleep and I go to a physiotherapist. I daren't sit in air-conditioned rooms, despite the heat, because I'm worried about losing my voice.

"It's like being an athlete. We're all exhausted."

She also suffers severe bouts of self-doubt: "Every night I tear myself apart thinking, 'How could I do better?' I am in a constant state of self-doubt."

27/06/2005 05:30